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What can we do for you?

We specialize in the management of hospitality facilities in the province of Trieste, from purchase to guest management. We provide advice to owners and investors on how to best enter the tourism market.

Why Choose a Tourism Investment?

The tourism market has several advantages over long-term rentals, which can vary depending on the needs of investors and property owners. At this moment in history, the main advantages are as follows:

Investing in the tourism market in Trieste can be driven by numerous factors:

  • Interest in the real estate market, which has seen significant appreciation in recent years
  • Desire to manage rentals with shorter timelines and faster turnover compared to traditional leases
  • Need to use the vacation home during certain periods of the year while still generating income during others
  • Protection against insolvent tenants
  • Opportunity to generate income while the apartment is for sale. With our management services, we can schedule property visits between bookings, resulting in a double benefit: potential buyers can see a clean, furnished, and ready-to-use property, while the apartment continues to generate income for the owner
  • Precise control of the property
  • Management of tax compliance
  • Having an agency to take care of maintenance and apartment-related tasks

Real Estate

Real estate investment involves considering various factors such as market trends, purchase price, potential returns, and target audience.

Many people contact us after making an investment, only to be disappointed by the profitability promised by the real estate agent handling the rental.

It is important to seek investment advice. We can act as property finders, helping you choose the right investment, and as authorized agents who will represent your interests. Request a consultation with us.

The investment process consists of 7 phases

1. Market
Identification of the target market: Overview of the Trieste market, cyclical trends, and current situation
How We Can Help You

Consultation – We can provide historical market data, development forecasts, and analysis

2. Budget
Budget identification - Based on your needs, we can advise you on the necessary budget for a strong position in the tourism market and the type of property selected
How We Can Help You

Consultation – Evaluation of market possibilities

3. Properties
Identification of properties that meet investment requirements
How We Can Help You

Property finder service – Profitability estimation

4. Purchase
Purchase, renovation, and furnishing of the property
How We Can Help You

Dedicated consultation for the purchase, collaboration with local real estate agencies, and assistance with financing

5. Preparation
Property preparation
How We Can Help You

Collaboration with architects and interior designers to create a market-ready product

6. Management
Launch and management of the property
How We Can Help You

We can initiate and manage the property on behalf of the owner

7. Monitoring
Monitoring investment profitability
How We Can Help You

Seasonal reports on the tourism market and evaluation of potential modifications

Would you like a quote for our consulting services? Contact us!

Case studies

DADA Guest House
Currently under our management, designed, planned, and launched by our team members

Renovation of Casa VALD
Renovation project that increased property revenue by 30%

Belvedere 4
Purchase consultation for a tourism investment

Miramare Luxury Suites
Launch of a guest house on behalf of third parties

Via Nordio 3
We facilitated the buying and selling of the property.


How much budget do you need for a tourism investment?

  • Vacation homes starting from 100.000€
  • Guest houses starting from 300.000€
  • Hotels starting from 1.000.000€

Is it the right choice?

The decision to open a tourism facility is an investment. The market fluctuates, and so do the results. Are you confident it’s the right choice for you?

We recommend it when:
You want to generate income from a property in a good tourist location. You need to use the property during certain periods of the year. You have a desire to enter the tourism market.
You prefer a solution that doesn’t require personal involvement in management.

We do not recommend it when:
You are motivated solely by hearing your neighbor is getting rich. You have an old property that even students don’t want, and you lack the means to invest in it. You need to cover mortgage costs with rental income.

The right mindset is an entrepreneurial one. Just like any other business, there are technical aspects and an initial period of low visibility before reaching its full potential. We consider this period as the startup phase.

Management of Tourism Facilities


Vacation Homes
These are fully furnished apartments or villas available for guests. They have private kitchens and bathrooms.

Guest Houses
Guests have access to a room with a private bathroom within quality structures. Breakfast service is not provided.


Identification and estimation:
– How much does a vacation home yield? What are the costs? We can provide you with consultancy services to plan your investment based on our data from Trieste since 2017.
– Sector contribution verification.

– Adaptation of the property to meet tourists’ needs.
– Installation of remote access systems.
– Consumption control.
– On-site inspection.
– Interior design consultancy.
– Vacation home amenities – what is essential?
– We provide linens and towels!
– No opening costs* based on the property’s characteristics and the duration of the mandate.
– Utilities control.

– Submission of the Communication of Start of Activity (SCIA) to the municipality.
– Activation of the accommodation portal.
– Communication to the regional statistical service.
– Webtur
– Photos.
– Listing on booking portals.
– Description of the property.
– Name selection.
– Tourist tax, credential request.

Approximately 10 working days.

– Check-in.
– Cleaning.
– Maintenance.
– Legal procedures.
– Accounting.
– We act as tax substitutes; no payment is required from the property owner for vacation home income, and we provide the annual tax statement (CU).
– Tourist tax.
– Istat – required communications.
– Management during the low season; we monitor energy prices. Many of the managed properties are temporarily suspended during the winter season to avoid significant energy costs.

How much does our management service cost?
Our management represents approximately 25% of the vacation home’s revenue, yielding significantly better results compared to private management.

Compared to a do-it-yourself approach, we achieve better results due to our use of dedicated software for market trends, industry experience, and our extensive network of guests over the years.

Why choose our management?

We are much more than just a management agency.

– Returning customers: We foster customer loyalty, with over 24% of direct bookings in the last 3 years coming from guests who choose to return among our 50+ different accommodations in Trieste.
– Cost optimization: Laundry services, bureaucratic procedures, and agreements.
– Always up-to-date prices: We monitor prices daily to avoid missing out on the city’s most important events.
– Collaboration with the visitors bureau: Discounts and free tickets to exhibitions for tourists. The property is advertised on regional channels as well as our website and OTAs (Online Travel Agencies).
– Tourist consultancy: See concierge section – service active since 2023.
– Collaboration with local booking portals inaccessible to the public.
– Contacts with local companies and organizations: Physics center, theater, film commission to propose accommodations.
– We act as tax substitutes and provide the annual certification for the income of the accommodation facility.

– Direct personnel for deliveries, cleaning, and reception services, ensuring maximum control over service quality. Front-office located in the city center to address guest issues, and a warehouse for logistics management.

– Collaboration with selected professionals for maintenance interventions.

Do you want to know more? See sections on our services.

We take care of vacation home management from A to Z, providing:
– Hotel-grade linens through an industrial laundry service.
– Pillow covers, mattress protectors – we have loyal tourists who return even during the low season. Contacts and agreements with the city’s main attractions.

– We are present in the visitors bureau and convention center, which organizes conferences and provides suggestions regarding the use of the tourist tax.

– Contacts with hotels and residences to manage overbookings.

– Dynamic pricing management software to take advantage of city events based on occupancy and market demand.

Guesthouse Management:

Cost and profit optimization.

  • Properties can have significantly different operating results based on guest management and target audience. Don’t miss out on an opportunity. Ask us for advice.

Funding calls and investments.
Management consultancy.


Frequently Asked Questions - Owners:

Operating a tourist accommodation involves dealing with "careless" guests who may cause some damage to the property during their stay. We can guide you in choosing the best approach to mitigate this aspect.

The owners we assist have access to our management system in their dedicated section, where they can see incoming bookings for their property, the amounts, and their share.

We recommend coming to talk to us before making a purchase so that we can provide you with accurate figures regarding earning possibilities.

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